Creative City

Creative City Public Charter School is Baltimore's newest charter.

Baltimore Charter Schools

31 charter schools serve over 12,000 students in Baltimore


Ketia Stokes, of Green Street Academy, a Baltimore Transformation School, is a finalist for Maryland Teacher of the Year.

Supporting Public Schools of Choice (SPSOC) is an independent nonpartisan project in support of charter, transformation and innovation schools, public schools within the Baltimore City Public School System.

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New Contract Codifies Charter-City Schools Partnerships

  Thanks to a collaborative volunteer effort spearheaded by Supporting Public Schools of Choice, Baltimore City Schools has a strongly improved new… Read More >>

It doesn’t come quick or easy: Approving the creation of Baltimore charter schools

It’s not easy to create public charter schools in Baltimore.  In March, seven groups submitted applications for new schools. After an arduous review process,… Read More >>

City Forever

  Las weekend 312 Baltmore City Students took part in commencement for the Baltimore City College High School Class of 2013.   My son was among them and I… Read More >>